What our clients have to say about us

I just wanted to feedback on one of the physiotherapists I’ve seen recently. I’m not sure who best to send this to, so if you could circulate on if appropriate that would be much appreciated.
I was fortunate enough to see Maria at the Balham Hill Medical Practice for 8 sessions over November-January and wanted to say how excellent I thought she was. She actively listened to my back troubles and advised on range of improvements I could make to my lifestyle/environment to help as part of my treatment. It’s not often you find a medical practitioner who is prompt at keeping time on her appointments (which she always was) and I felt completely confident that she was taking a real interest in my back trouble and provided a high level of care and quality of treatment that I am very grateful for.
So – thank you!

Rachael Comish

I wanted to write to you and give feedback for the treatment I’ve been receiving from Jamie Wilson over the last couple of months. I first came to Jamie late December 2012 after being referred by my GP at Balham Park surgery having recently prolapsed a disk in my lower back. This wasn’t the first time I had had problems with my back its a long term injury affecting me for about 7-8 years.

In the first couple of weeks of December I was bed bound, the weeks following movement was very limited and due to the pain I was having to work from home taking a heavy course of painkillers. Due to the history of my back problems, being over such a long period, I had got to a point where I was resided to the fact I was going to be in constant pain.
After starting my treatment and the weeks began to pass I’ve seen a huge improvement in my back and my quality of life.Having a bad back for so many years I’ve gone round the houses and seen chiropractors, physios, osteopaths and they have made no where near the same progress as I have with Jamie. It wasn’t just the physical treatment but getting a better understanding of how my back works and what I should be doing on a day to day basis to not further aggravate it.
I wanted to thank him and make sure he got the recognition he deserves for helping me get back on the path to recovery.

Ben Rodson

Just to let you know I have been very impressed by the physiotherapy service offered via Balham Park Surgery. What impressed me most:

  1. The first appointment was made very soon after I spoke to my GP (within a week I think);
  2. Communication has been very good; you first contacted me on a Monday, after I saw GP on a Saturday;
  3. Crucially important for me, appointments with physio are possible in the evenings and Saturday mornings;
  4. As far as I can tell the physiotherapist’s advice is excellent

Overall, I am v impressed and have been surprised as I thought that physiotherapy and similar services have ben a relative weak point for the NHS.

Andrew Keningham

I would like to write a brief note in praise and thanks of Jamie Wilson who has been providing me with physio treatment for the past month.
Jamie has been a tremendous help in providing the physio treatment and explaining the lifestyle issues that have given rise to my back complaints in the first place.
Jamie’s treatment has been first class, the service he delivered has been both friendly and of an excellent professional standard. I therefore would like to make sure my positive experience is noted for the record.

David Salbashian