Balham Physio Services


Physiotherapy in Balham is the main service that we offer our patients. All of our physios are highly trained, and most of them specialise. We are all very sports focussed so you can expect a hands-on treatment.

We receive a lot of referrals from local GPs, and that’s because we provide an honest and effective service. When you see our team, you will receive a very high quality diagnosis and treatment, and be well looked after.

Our physiotherapists use treatment methods such as massage, active muscle release and muscle energy techniques, ultrasound and electrotherapy, acupuncture, and rehabilitation.


Osteopathy in Balham is the second main service that we offer our patients. Osteopathy is a physical therapy that looks at the whole body to assess and manage acute and chronic pain. Osteopaths use various diagnostic tests and examination procedures to find the route cause of the problem that may be causing your pain.

If you are suffering acute back pain, knee pain, neck pain or just feel like your body is out of sync, come in and see one of our osteopaths.


Some of our team of physios and osteopaths also provide acupuncture. We do not provide Chinese acupuncture, so we will not treat you for smoking cessation, relaxation, or systemic problems. We do however use acupuncture for muscle injuries, reducing pain, and reducing inflammation. It’s incredibly effective, and our team will sometimes use acupuncture as a tool rather than the whole treatment (i.e. they will use some other techniques too, like massage, as well as the acupuncture). If you want to see a practitioner that performs acupuncture, then just let us know when you call up to book an appointment.

How does Physiotherapy compare to Osteopathy at Balham Physio?

Our osteopaths and physios work very closely together, and often train together so there is a strong overlap of skills. All of our team are hands on. Osteopaths tend to be a little stronger with their treatment, and sometimes use manipulation to the joints (characterised by a clicking sound when they treat the spine) and physios tend to be more rehabilitative. All of our practitioners will strive to get you better in as few sessions as possible, but with lasting results.

Please call us on 0208 685 6930 to book your first appointment.